Heavy Duty Bearings

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    I'm having a repeated problem with my bike that seems to plague me over and over. The rear bearings, always on the left side where the sprocket is tends to get eaten up over a course of a couple of rides. I've gone through 1 rim and three sets of bearings. I pack automotive grade bearing grease into it but it tends to get rubbed away, I need to find a set of bearings that can survive long rides without opening them to find a glob of grease and a eaten away ball bearing housing, the ones I have are semi-sealed but these seem to not want to work, anyone have an idea where I can purchase a new set of bearings, I don't want to replace the entire rim just yet (I'm sure I'll have to because it has a slight bend in it) but right now I just need something that can handle the constant torque on a 26 inch coaster brake set up cruiser bicycle.:confused:

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    If you find where & what bearing to buy for a Huffy cruiser (coaster brake) please let me know...I've searched for some time & can't find a source...Huffy only sells the complete wheel.
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    I would guess that the tension on them is incorrect, either too much or too little.
    But of course it is easier to blame the bearings.
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    Jaguar I tried to PM you but your box needs to be cleared out, to many spent messages I assume.