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    Just wanted to say hi to all the bikers on here. Hope to learn a lot from all of you. I am not motorized, but hope to someday be. Just a bike to ride to work and back is what I do now. I live across the street from where I work at ASU (Arizona State University) west campus in Glendale, AZ, so driving was no longer needed, nor the $480 per year parking fees. YIKES!
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    Welcome aboard.

    Tell us more about yourself.
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    Avoiding expensive parking permit at ASU

    Welcome to the forum. my son attends ASU in Tempe.
    To avoid the $800+/year parking permit, he rides with my wife to her office, and skateboards the last 1.5 miles to class.
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    Ya gotta be creative to save!

    Hi wheelbender6,

    We used to have free parking on the West campus, but Crow saw an opportunity to get more money in his pockets. Shoot, we have about 200 out of 300 acres that is not even developed, but this makes no difference to him. That's o.k., I found a way around it by moving across the street and riding the bike to work. So far, he hasn't thought to charge for parking bikes at the rack, and I hope he doesn't get the idea! I know he wouldn't hesitate to do it.

    Thanks again for writing, and happing wheeling!!!
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    Thanks for the welcome, bluegoatwoods! Not much to tell, 57 year old widow living in Glendale AZ.
    I like your dog in your avatar, I can not read what he/she is saying though. What is it?
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    welcome from FH :cool2:
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    Welcome! Kits are very affordable, and fun to install, so pick one up and start tinkering :) Only one way to learn!