hello fellow motorists, I am new to the motor bicycle world.

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    I am getting my first 80cc two stroke in the mail today. I am sure to have many problems and questions as this is my first large two stroke engine with a spark plug instead of a glow plug. I will be breaking the engine in in below freezing temperatures. I am concerned of seizing the engine. I will keep it inside before start up. But will have to shut it down for the main roads as it is illegal to run them on the road here in ny. I will also be experimenting with exhaust muffler packing. I picked up 0000 steel wool which is flammable. I am going to wrap steel netting around a broom stick them wrapping that in the steel wool. Setting the steel wool on fire beforebefore packing it in the muffler to dampen the sound. I will post to let you know how it turns out. I will ruin it before and after to hear the difference.

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    snowmobiles used 2strokes for many years only time the seized was lack of the proper amount of 2stroke oil. Now frozen gaslines did happen. Flammable means IT BURNS when started on fire.
    Your 80cc is really 66cc when you bore X stroke=66cc

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    Hello Battery,
    Yeah,I just built my 1st. build,well,there's some more to do to it but It fired up fine,no problems.I'm here in Mass.I had a long holiday weekend,I've been riding up & down the streets,fine tuning & finding little problems,chains,bolts getting loose..ect.I was thinking the same thing about being stealth&quiet,HT motor realy is'nt that loud,when I started to build that was almost 1st. on my "mod" list now it's last on the list ,I have more important things like,brakes,suspention,fenders,lights mirrors,cosmetics ect..I was also thinking about exhaust pipe insolation wrap,but I dont know..the pipe is out of the way..
    Yeah,go go,go..there was friggin ice cicles forming off my snotty face all day .Brrr.I had to layer up & break out the long johns..it was fun.
    I'm sure you've been looking around at all the "TIPS" of the trade.HT/china girl motors..
    *new spark plug & cap
    *new intake manifold gasket.also check & smooth out roughness
    *new mounting studs
    *LOCKTIGHT all bolts & nuts..Blue locktight..In 1 day I had to tighten a whole bunch of stuff..
    Hope this helps you..Enjoy your build,stay warm hehe.
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    Still didn't come in the mail and is been two weeks!!! >.< is been the town's over at ups and didn't shop any further I'm friggin mad. But when it dies gone in the mall yeah a full sound check is on the list of to do. But after that is run it record the noise. Then put the baffle in and record it again. Also to lengthen the intake for more low end torque.
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    Came in the mail been up the last six hours installing. One more day I'll be riding.