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    Hey whats up guys and gals(maybe?) my name is chad and im 24, im a welder by trade and tinkerer by night. I have way too many projects and not enough time, im sure the story of most peoples lifes. I found this site by researching motorized bikes and well here i am.
    heres some pictures, enjoy:
    my welder at home i just finished repainted a few weeks ago:

    heres my current entry in the ratrodbikes.com biker build off 5, much more to do on it, heres a link to the build and a picture:

    like i said tooo many projects, tooo lil time, the chain gang:

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    what part of FL?? im in fort walton beach/destin area
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    Welcome to the forum..a ton of good info here and a great bunch of guys..I just retired from the metal industry in Tampa Bay after 35 years here as a welder /fabricator.
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    Welcome fellow Floridian!

    Im in Florida too, - Palm Coast!

    What u got, or what are you building? :)
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    nice some fl people! Im in safety harbor, pinellas county, destin is about as close to clearwater beaches as ive seen, that place in cooler in alot of regards, clearwater has a high rise condo problem...
    Turtle Ted, id be very interested to hear anything that you have to offer! Im going to ptec in clearwater, my teacher is pulling for me to get 6g certified in pipe. I am currently skipping a week or two doing some tig work on apartment railings.

    As far as what im building...im building a cruiser(no motor) but have another build starting... researching it brought me here. I have a trike that im going to cut up and put a chopper frame on it. First i was going to try and make a tandem chopper trike but now ive found a 125 pit bike that runs great, and its a 4speed for 75bucks. im going to put it in with some faux pedals and have 2seats like a motorcycle or along those lines. Its going to be an adventure and im sure its going to be way too fast but, thats the fun. The trike is very old and has heavy duty spokes and axle set up to hold the power hopefully. i will have pictures as soon as i start chopping and cutting. Has any one done a honda z50/xr50 style engine in a bike at all? its a bigger motor so it could really only be used in a stretch bike of some sort. Either way ill get it done, i cant wait! only set back is im moving...kinda big but ill make due.
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    Welcome to this site!
    A few folks have stuffed a Honda 50 or one of the many Chinese clones into bicycle frames.
    The problem is that such a contraption is no longer an Motorized bicycle.
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    I wish i had a welder.