Hello from Melbourne, Australia.


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Feb 17, 2008
Hi All,

Phil here. Just signed up today and thought I'd better just drop in here and say hello. I've had this "rotary" brand engine on my bike for about 4 or 5 years. I think it's a Taiwanese copy of a Sachs engine, and it's a hub mounted two stroke. It's been sitting in the garage since i got into motorbikes (currently riding a Ducati 695) and I've just managed to get it going again after figuring out I was using the wrong mix (too much oil) and the wrong plug gap (too small), now it purrs like a *****cat. So now I'm thinking of riding it to work a few times a week.

More background stuff: I play the fiddle & tenor banjo, and I'm into target archery.


Hello again. Did you try the search on "rotarybike" and look over that information. You might want to search "cdi" or "cdi upgrade", I know I've seen info on rev limiting cdi modules. I wonder if one from another engine might work?


I think your naughty word filter is working overtime.

problem was that some folks worked overtime finding creative ways to beat the filter, so we did the best we could :???:

i'm interested in learning more about yer rig...pics would be cool if you have some :)

welcome to MBc :cool: