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    Hi: My name is John Hamilton. I just bought a 2000 Whizzer. I am just getting used to riding it. I live in Duluth Minnesota and we have a lot of hills. I camp a lot in a 31' Airstream in the Boundry water area and along lake superior every other weekend during the summer. We have 3 boys ( a reporter, UPS Man, Green Beret and 1 girl ( a project goal analyst and 2 cocker spanial puppies. I used to right safety norms and training manuals for a paper mill. I quit to work with a retarded young man with autism. It is the best thing I have done. Money isn't everything. John

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    Welcome to MBc, John! I moved your post to the introduction forum because it really does belong here. I hope you don't mind. Again, welcome aboard, and there are a lot of Whizzer experts here who will be able to help you with any questions you might have.
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    Hi john, Welcome to MBc!

    If you search and are unable to find your answers, don't hesitate to post your question. Someone will steer you to a link, or reply to your question. Were here for each other! Enjoy! :grin:
    You may have seen this, but here's a great MBc starter "link" to get you motoring.