Hello from Orange County Calif.

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    Greetings to all! I just picked up my first motorized bicycle and to give you fair warning I am new to this so let me thank everyone in advance for answering my future questions . I look forward to doing what I can to contribute to the community. If anyone needs any help with custom electronic circuits don't hesitate to ask Ive been in the field for 25 years. Well now that I have bored you to death...



  2. Happy Valley

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    Hey there, welcome to the forum!

    You're looking good for 99! lol
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    Don't hold us in suspense . . . what kind of bike is it? Gas or Electric.

    And welcome!
  4. drelectrix

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    whoops left out that little gem of information ....

    I have a gas motor and to be honest with you I just purchased it from a private party. I plan to use it to commute around town and possibly to go to work. I do custom paint jobs on various things using an airbrush and get a lot of little jobs locally so I thought it would be an advantage to save a lil gas and putt around town on this bicycle. However.... I do not know anything about these motors, I don't even know what motor I have but it looks a lot like the one they call a T50? I finally got it to run sorta...What I mean by that is that i can start it but *** soon as I put the rear wheel to the ground it stalls. I assumed it had a centrifugal clutch and this is where I get lost cause I see people have clutch levers anyways I think i'm going on in the wrong area of the forum but that's me in a nut shell.. thx for having me :dunce: