Hello From Tampa Bay & My "Orange Coast Chopper" Build...

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  1. BrettMavriK

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    Greetings, Fellow Motorbicycle Afficianados,

    I've been a bobbin' and a weavin', lurkin' and a readin' on this forum for a month now before deciding to speak up. I'm about as caught up as I can be....being a greeny noob and all.
    I got bit by the motorbicycle bug and nothin' has been the same since.
    I've taking a liking to the old school chopper springer lowrider ape hanger look. I've got an "80cc" motor on the way from Zone8, and I picked up two bikes from around town; a Jesse James West Coast Chopper for $25, and an Orange County Stingray Chopper for $20. I like features from both bikes, so I am going to combine them....

    Hence, The "Orange Coast Chopper" Build has begun.

    I gotta have the OCC front tire, rear tire and cage, but I love the Jesse James frame and fork. So I gotta meld the two together. It's been done. I know. I have burned many a midnight oil researching this site and the motorbicycling.com site.There are some absolute beauties out there. Hats off to all you guys for coming together and creating a unique community to share info.

    I am definitely going Jackshaft, but I like the extra BMX bottom bracket as a jackshaft setup, with freewheels of course. (Thank You, Zomby Zack) I guess you're wondering why I am doing this, because I only have one gear on my OCC rear wheel....Well, I got a plan for that...... 8 gears at least.....the cheap way.....derailer and cassette style.

    where there's a will..... and a welder....

    Anyways, here's a couple photos.
    Thanks for being here.

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  2. stude13

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    hi brett, welcome; glad your here. a sportster tank would look nice. occ's are plentiful and cheap. i going with a choppers u.s. trike rear and would like to fit a "bent" seat for my old back. where did you cut it? later mitch
  3. BrettMavriK

    BrettMavriK Member

    bent seat

    Hey there, and thanks.

    A Trike? Kewl!
    You gonna use the fat rear tire axles from choppersus.com?
    They have trike hubs that'll fit the OCC rear wheels.
    I'm not sure whatcha' mean on the bent seat. The seat on the Jesse James bike is stock. I have it still attached in the photo of that bike sitting alone.
    I like that seat, but it is inclined too much for comfort. I think I am actually going to go ...dare I say it..........banana seat......there, I said it. =-]'

    I want to obtain a look sort of reminiscent of the old Schwinn Orange Krate bikes like the one I had as a kid, but with a long chopper fork to go with the high rise handlebars. I'm going to mix things in a cool groovy kind of way.

    Besides, what good is it if you can't take your betty for a ride. =-]'

  4. stude13

    stude13 Active Member

    lets see, yes to 2 wide tires, recumbent seat, sportster tank. ape hangers and a cag 47cc with cvt belt trans.
  5. Gearhead73

    Gearhead73 New Member

    Greetings For The Nature Coast!!

    Good luck on your project! If you need any help call me at 352-228-3496. I know a trick of two. I also make to your kneck woods about once a week.

    Good Luck!
  6. BrettMavriK

    BrettMavriK Member

    Very Cool!
    Thanks, Jon
    I Live in Land O Lakes if you know where that is. Just North of Tampa by about 7 miles. Yeah, I'm sure I'll have alot of questions here and there. I think I pretty much have the Extra Bottom Bracket as a Jackshaft idea figured out.

    The hardest hurdle for me is getting the Stingray Rear Wheel to accept a gear cassette or multiple sprockets. I've been looking at Straton. Nice stuff. They have a freewheel setup with standard threads (1-3/8" x 24tpi) and eight gears, so this would go in place of the one gear freewheel on the OCC.....Buuuttttt,
    Then I have to make a longer threaded axle shaft and the OCC rear wheel frame cage is also going to need to be widened further. I think it can be done.
    I'm not sure if anyone has done it yet, as I have searched the corners of these sites looking for it. It's going to be alot of work, cutting, alignment, and welding, but at 1/5th the cost of A Nuvinci or Sturmey Archer internal gear hub, it will be well worth it.

    Jon, I'll give you a buzz later today,
    'BrettMavriK :D
  7. Ghost0

    Ghost0 Guest

    Give this a thought, it is what I plan on doing for my chopper build. Using a SBP jackshaft kit I plan on using an internal 3 speed hub as an idler that will sit in the standard location as a bottom bracket in relation to the engine, this is because the cranks on choppers are so far in front of the engine. Your chainring will run to the idler. The idler will pick up the chain from the jackshaft and run back to your single speed rear end. I will just need to calculate out the gearing. Since the idler hub will now be driving the rear instead of being driven the ratios will be backwards, 1st will now be 3rd on a 3 speed hub.
  8. BrettMavriK

    BrettMavriK Member

    Hey there, Ghost

    Remember me? We spoke via email about your SBP jackshaft on a chopper bike. We have already had this conversation about the intermediate jackshaft.
    It's a great idea. Do you really think 3 speeds will be enough gearing for a fast take off, good power band gear, and top end cruise?
    I am unsure if 3 speeds is enough. I'd like to have the perfect gear for absolutely every speed, so I can really dial it in when riding.

    I am thinking since I have to cut and weld up my frame to get it where I want it, I am going to add a 2nd bottom bracket to the frame under where I attach the motor, and then convert it to hold a 5/8" jackshaft with good sealed bearings and the proper sprockets. This can be done for cheap and can become the engine's jackshaft and the intermediate gear between the crank and wheel, along with a freewheel sprocket for the crank right on it. It's cheap and easy if you can cut and weld, but definitely not a bolt-on affair like your nice unit is.

    'BrettMavriK :D
  9. Ghost0

    Ghost0 Guest

    Ya your project sounded familiar. I think 3 is enough. I have a 6 speed cassette and really only use 1st, 3rd and 5th. 1st gets me going easy from a dead stop and I shift to 3rd at about 17 mph, 3rd will get me to about 26 mph and then 5th gets me to 35 or so.

    Your method sounds good but getting the chain from the engine directly to your new "bottom bracket" may pose a problem. Look at one of the photos of my bike. The position of the jackshaft bearing in relation to the engine is about the largest angle you can go without cutting up the engine.
  10. BrettMavriK

    BrettMavriK Member


    I'm a little anebriated right now, so i'll try to stay on point :rolleyes:
    I see your point about the opening for the chain on the motor, but the opening can be modified as most of it is made up of the cover. the motor itself has about 30 degrees of play as well with the high rise of this bike. Like I said, this is more of a total freedom to modify job, and not in the constraints of a store bought leave it as it is bike. It's gotta fit, because i said so.... :p
    yeeeeaaah, I'm a little lit right now......

    Well, that is freakin' cool about the 3 speeds being enough. I was wondering about that; even searched it to oblivion with no avail. Hmmm, you have me rethinkin my strategy (rub chin...) I know where I can find a 3 speed Sturmey Archer that is especially made for a 4.25" stingray rear wheel......Hmmmmmm
    sounds like I gotta get ahold of the guy who bought up the last of the Schwinn Stingray overstock and get an XL 3 speed hub and be done with it.

    man, it only gets better.

    ****, Im outa' ice cubes.....
  11. BrettMavriK

    BrettMavriK Member

    Just had a revelation.....
    then I'm gonna pass out.

    How about a 3 speed hub on my stingray wheel, and on the jackshaft..........

    2 sprockets and a front derailer.......?

    6 speeds....high or low 3 gears....mountain and flatland option.........

    now I have a stump puller / bonnevill'er

    hmmmm....think it would live??????????

    Weeeeeeee!!! that's what we do when we're having fun....we refer ourselves to some other people........................weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
    (nonpurist ht chopper builder)
    I need to go to bed.....
  12. BrettMavriK

    BrettMavriK Member

    ....or my 3 speed hub and your 3 speed jackshaft
    for 3 ranges of three gears, so nine spee..............*snnnnnoooorrre****