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    I ride in central and northern calif., from the coast into the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas. The freedom of passing all those gas stations is what I love the most!!

    I built my first motored bicycle on the family farm in 1965 and after model airplanes I wanted to try a pusher prop on the engine instead of the jack shaft and clutch and 35 chain in those days.

    I like this forum because I love innovative ideas and the people who hatch 'em and I'm NOT SELLING ANYTHING here!!

    I have alot of experience with small engine testing (with 5 manufacturers of weedeaters) on the thrustbench as we prepare to launch the product to various markets. The thrustbench doesn't lie, but some Motor Mfg seem to inflate HP ratings in their specs a little.

    I look forward to your feed back if it's thoughtful, and you can imagine I've heard alot after about 150 hrs of riding in the last 3 years....so I can take it!
    Happy Landings!!

  2. YOUR BACK! You are my hero.
    WELCOME to MBc!
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    Welcome to MBc!
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    Hi Pacman. Welcome to MBc! Awaiting your ideas.
    Were here for each other! Enjoy! :grin:
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    Welcome to MBc.

    (And don't take my signature line personally. It's just my sense of humor)
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    hello thrustpacman, welcome to MBc...glad you are here!
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    Thank you!

    Don't worry the THRUSTPAC can be equiped with an air inlet hair guard!! I'm working on it but I ride too much to get much done in the R&D shop!!
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    You my friend are more than craze enough to join this group. Welcome to MBc from the Giant Side of Texas!
    Strappin a blower on your back, WAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO