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    I have an electric bike. A Bionx kit 350 w. ( I think it's most powerful one ) with the 36 V nicad battery. However I left it in Vancouver, B. C. With my brother and I'm in Germany.
    But the reason I am here is that my sister is getting a Zoom bike motor for her bike. 80cc ( I know it's actually 66cc ). I've been looking around for info on them and saw some YouTube videos and caught your website off of some of the comments made from the videos.
    I have some questions and I know someone has the answers.

    Take note this is my sister. She's 67 but is fit. However I listened to the videos and the motors seem pretty loud! What is the MOST QUIET muffler system for her? I know, if noise is a problem she should go the electric route. However $200.00 cnd. As opposed to $1800. Cdn.

    Can you help us out?