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Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by Gazorp, Sep 4, 2008.

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    I've lurked here awhile reading thru the postings and thought I'd join tonight.

    Not long ago here I saw a photo of a full sized bike 26" that had a 20" tire on the back with a wooden crate set up over the rear tire. It looked sort of like a bicycle pickup truck. LOL

    I'm trying to find it again. Anyone know where that pic is ? I'm thinking of building one like that and use a front wheel mounted friction drive motor.

    Gazorp ! (when I get my avatar posted you'll understand)

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  3. Gazorp

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    Thanks Alaskavan, That sure looks like the one I was a few days ago. I was thinking
    that the front friction drive would be simpler of set up and perhaps more dependable. The chain drive on this bike would be compliated enough where as a shared chain drive, engine or human powered, failure could render the bike unusable. It would seem that when it gets as complicated as this bike that roadside repairs may be dubious.

    But as you said, "attention to detail". It would take dedication to quality materiasl and details to keep the breakdown ratio low.

    But overall THIS bike concept fascinates me and I want to say thanks again for posting the link to it for me.