Hello my nane is Don or escoot

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    I am a retired man with an ebike history beginning in 1999. I own 5 ebikes and 2 electric scooters. Escoot stands for electric scooter, a rip-off from the biker groups that refer to there bikes as scoots. Health issues are preventing my daily rides, on good weather days I try to ride for an hour or more. For 10 years my only transportation was my ebike, that ended in the spring of 2013 when health issues required that I get a car. I miss riding daily and look forward to the days I can ride.
    Don or escoot

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    Welcome aboard.

    I'm something like you; I could do without a car. Except I've got a wife and kids who won't put up with that. But I could get along without it.

    I'm a daily bicycle rider. Probably a little more than half is pure pedal bike, the rest is motorized. But it's close to 50-50.

    And I dread the day that I become too frail/ill to get around by bicycle. I suppose I'll buy a little more time by going with a scooter. Three-wheeled, in order to ride in bad weather.

    I'm hoping for another twenty years. But I don't know what I'll do after that.