Hello, new and need help choosing motor. Please.

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    Hello, a bit about me. I love pedaling road bicycles. i put in an average of 150 miles a week commuting and on the Saturday main Event, 50-60 miles of beating up on my friends trying to win the town sign sprints. My weight is 160 lb.

    I've been researching but would love the help of you guys who have done this before. At the end of the day i need a motor KIT that will take me 100-120 miles a week so i don't have to drive at all. The commute is 40 miles round trip that contains a 2.5 mile grade at 7%.

    * i have both a mountain bike and steel frame road bike.

    The kit that seems best suited is the Tanaka 2 stroke engine sold by Golden Eagle Bike Engines. My only hesitation about this engine is the payback period taking over a year since this engine kit costs $630 with shipping.

    Is this my best option taking into account reliability vs initial investment?

    Side desire - I would love to put and engine on a road bike since it fits my geometry better.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and for responding.
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    Welcome to MBc, Eddie. Now that you have introduced yourself, be sure to read all you can, including the 'Stickies' at the top of every Forum. They contain a lot of information. For example, 'Sticky' by Al.Fisherman has 20 or so links to "How To." threads, and important pages for you to follow. 'Sticky' by Anton "Forum Rules and Infractions" is a must read about how you are expected to Conduct yourself. However, read all of them, and be sure to use the search feature. Almost every question you might have has already been asked and answered someplace here. If you are still stumped with a certain problem, post your question in the proper Forum and I am sure you will get an answer.

    Almost any engine with the Golden Eagle Drive kit seems like it ought to do well on your cruiser. Personally, I would prefer a 4-Stroke to a 2-Stroke, tho. Good Luck to you.
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  3. eddie the eagle

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    Thanks for the responce. its all pretty overwelming, like anything else, to start from scrath. Yes this site is very helpful. Looking now into the 4 stroke.
  4. PatrickW

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    If this is not too personal, you are not, per chance, related to the Eddie the Eagle of Calgary Ski Jump Fame, are you? <grin> You know, he was the first Olympic Ski Jumper to represent Great Britain in the Olympics (1988).
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    I opted for the Robin 4 cylinder 2 years ago. Set up both mine and my wife’s for the Subaru. Just be sure the distance between your rear forks are the right width. Take the width measurement about 13 inches up from the axle connections. I had to bend my wife’s forks a little to meet the specks. That’s from memory so double check me on that. I personally like the lower torque and cool sound. The Tanaka is faster and noisier.
    Both are great though and the Bunch at Golden Eagle are great people. These size engines meet most States requirement to be street legal and non licensable as motor assisted not “Motorbikes” which require licenses.
    We'll have to change our Name to Eddie the Golden Eagle.
  6. eddie the eagle

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    Well at the end of the day after my research and phone calls i have opted for a 4 stroke subaru with friction drive from Staton. Close to 500 bucks. I will mounted onto a Bottecchia 80's steel road frame. It will be fun to post a review of this motorized bike thing.
    Thanks all for your input.