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    Just put together a huffy cruiser with an 80cc engine from BGF(will never buy from again, waiting to get my post count up to post review) . This is pretty fun, my dad was the one basically wanted to do this, I laughed at him about the idea of a bike with an engine. but he was serious and bought a cruiser bike from a thrift store and put in front suspension w/brake on it and everything. we got the engine and we both put it together and got it running, boy is it fun! I really wish we could buy some rubber mounts for it though and want to put some brakes in the back besides the coaster brakes that it comes with.

    These things are so fun i wanted to buy a bike for me this time, but this time a Schwinn mountain bike since it's got gears and awesome brakes. The gears makes it easier to pedal the bike with all the extra weight on it and stuff. Also next time it'll be a 4 stroke engine! :devilish:

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    Welcome to the board!

    Many here smarter than I! This is a great resource for info. One tip, cut up a rubber innertube for mounts between engine and frame! Sounds like your up and runnin already,(more than I can say for most BGF customers). You'll get addicted to this board very fast! Knowledge is incredible.

    I bought one from BGF and if not for this board, wouldn't be running!
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    what do you mean cut up an inner tube, how would i use that as a mount? i searched here for rubber mounts and i saw only one thread with one guy that welded his own mounts and man were those things HOT! I wish he would mass produce them for people that want to buy them. but other than that no real like DIY with pics and stuff.
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    Use the rubber tube as a washer/insulator wrap the frame with it and mount the motor.
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    Get rid of the coaster brake,use a good front brake (cantilever,drum or disk)
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    Told ya these guy's were fast to help! It's a great board behind a better hobby! What area are you in speede?
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    I'm in Miami, Florida.