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    hello, i have a motorised bike with a frame/wheels/practically every thing on the bike has had it apart from the motor. so ive torn it down and chucked the frame, looking for a new bike. im looking for a bike thats cheap , reliable and isnt hard to work around to motorise it e.g needing a special frame adapter or having disc brakes to work around etc.. i also what a bike with strong wheels for the sprocket. the spokes on my old bike crumpled like they were made out of paper. im also a teen so ive only got around $200 MAX any help would be appreciated.

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    I have been building on Huffy Cranbrook frames since I got started back in 2010- the bike itself has never failed. Fenders are a caution, as is the Chinese chain guard... and the 'ragmount' is likely the reason your spokes went bad. Get a hubmount- one that will fit a Worksman will also fit a Huffy. You will also have to open the center hole on your sprocket if you use the steel sprocket that came with the kit... AND you will have to engineer the holes to mount it to. I have in the past marketed a hubmount that was designed for the Huffy/Chinese sprocket combination, but I am currently out of stock... and anyone who sells the mount will also sell the sprocket to go with it.
    The Cranbrook can be had for $78 to $145 from WalMart- they have heavily welded frames, 12 gauge spokes, double-walled steel rims and 350 pound payload capacity. The high end Cranbrook is the "Panama Jack"- it has a welded on rear rack that extends, drink holder, ditty bag on handlebars and a bottle opener on the front right fork. Yea, it is a party bike. Avoid the "Nel Lusso" only because it comes with extra wide tires that make it impossible to run the power chain without chewing on SOMETHING.
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    my favourite source....JUNKYARD.