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    Hi, I plan on posting more then a few pictures concerning the tear-down and specs of the new Gt5SR. And would like to put a description on each pic so that I can show the comparison of the new SR versus the older motors. But for the life of me I cant figure a way to do this. I have seen other posters that have inserted pics this way..Can anybody please explain to stupid me on how to do it? thanks.

    Oh one more thing, I do know how to send it as an attachment. But when I do this it just does not have close detail. And of course it would be a little confusing if I tried to explain each pic in the main body of the post. I hope that made sense , because I just confused myself..Help

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    That last post from me didn't totally make sense. I guess I'm asking how to post a picture and then make a commentary below or above it, in order to explain what the picture is of.
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    There's another advantage to NOT using img tags, and instead, uploading the image to this site as an attachment:

    IF that other site is unavailable for ANY reason (they go out of business, the other site takes down the photo, they have a tornado, earthquake, power outage, lightening strike, somebody hacks their site, etc... you name it!) then WE lose that content, too! So, your thread no longer has the pictures in it, and everybody loses out...

    BUT, if you upload it HERE, (and as LargeFilipino's tutorial that srdavo linked to (above) shows, is very easy to do,) if you can see the thread postings, your pictures are available. Period. (and, if THIS site's down, you can't see the thread anyway!)
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    sorry xlr8.. do it the preferred way from the above two posts :)
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    testing hope this works

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    At the risk of seeming stupid..How do you make the picture come out bigger?
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    Never mind guys, I've got it. Thanks so much for the help. I truly appreciate the time and thought that goes into all these posts, thanks