Help with ordering piston, grube gt5

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    Hey guys I am new to the forum but a very experianced mechanic.

    I have a problem here. It seems like there are at least 3 dif piston types for the same style engine.

    I am doing a rebuild ... Port polish port matching exe .... And I am litteraly done, all I need to do now is order a new piston rings and clips. Then trim the skirt to match my intake port and grind a relief in the piston for the exahst and side ports.

    But I do not know the part # of the piston I need

    I jave the grubee gt5 my piston has only an arrow on top and when the piston is on a flat surface the top of the wrist pin hole measures 1 1/8 up from the surface . The closest piston I found said it was a type b and the hole measured 1 1/16 up ? Thats a 1/6 off and will alter port timimg ! The other said 15/16 up. Type a I think there are more but they are marked differant than mine on top . I want the correct dome and port timing here so I need to be shure I am getting the roght piston .

    Can you guys help .

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    Get it from
    They sell Grubee SkyHawk GT 5 motors and parts.

    Rob and Gregg answer the phone and will treat you right.

    They also sponsor the races and race.
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    The main difference is the compression height. (distance fron pin centerline to piston top) The Super Rat had a 40mm stroke, while most all others have a 38mm stroke. Not a big problem if you know how to shim the cylinder to get "0" deck height. Also, there is a piston with a domed top which I don't recommend, as it impedes flame travel, stick with a flat-top piston. It's also a little lighter, which helps balance and quicker revs. By the way, I don't think they make the Super Rat anymore, but still sell parts for them. Hope this info helps.
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    If you're worried about port timing you have to measure to piston top edge, not the center top of the piston.
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