Helped get my buddies Henderson running...

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Basementchoppers, Apr 4, 2010.

  1. Basementchoppers

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    We worked on it all day Sat. and finally got her running at around 3pm. We both (Matt and I) rode her around the block a couple of times and it was pure 1950's cool! It is a original Wizzer engine mounted in a Henderson bicycle.
    Here is my buddy Matt, looks pretty happy huh? I wish I could find the stuff he does.... I would be that happy too!!!

  2. G-Superior

    G-Superior Member

    THATS A NICE FIND! :tt1:
    Good job you got it working! there is lots of old motored bikes out there in barns and old peoples garages is just a case of asking. You will find one for you soon :D
    I love the engine! Much better looking than a HT! and it must sound really nice
    For how long as it been off the road?
    and a last little questions
    where is the fuel tank?:thinking:
  3. Basementchoppers

    Basementchoppers New Member

    It was sitting for god knows how long in a warehouse, and the tank is not in the picture. Sorry when we got it all together we were too excited to take pictures, we just took it outside to ride it! I'll make sure I get a couple of decent pictures for next time.
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