Hey, what carb is this, it needs rebuilt.

49cc and 60 70 80 (69.7) same carby

Either Your float cracked or the tongs above it need bent down to close the incoming flow of gas (needle VALVE) Or your Float at the bottom cup of you carb(below the float tongs) is full of gasolene and is sinking so it never appears to be full because your mechanical fill vale is controlled by the float when your float bowl(cup) gets full your float is at a higher point in your carb and when it hits the tongs the tongs close off the fuel line with a needle valve actuation(movement by the throw of your float rising ). So if your float is sunk at the bottom of your float bowl then dump out your float bowl( 2screws and it'll fall of the bottom of your carb) and get the float out if it is full of gas then drill acouple of little holes in it and shake the gas out. Then go to your local hardware store and get yourself some gas and oil resistant stop leak little yellow tube with red writing. Then patch the hole that leaked in the first place then letit sit for 10 min then patch the holes you drilled to dry it out..let it sit out all night to seal. Then THE NEXT DAY LOOK UP INTO YOUR CARB YOULL SEE THE u SHAPE LIMIT SWITCH TONGS.bEND BOTH DOWN 1/8" PUT YOUR BOWL BACK ON... TURN YOUR GAS ON (THE GAS VALVE ON TANK SHOULDA BEEN SHUT OFF BOWL YOU TOOK THE BOWL OFF sorry anyway hold your float bowl ***. up to the bottom of your carb where it'll seat when screwed in and turn the tank valve to open) wait a minute or 2 see if gas comes out close your valve and pull your float bowl off and make sure your float didnt sink if its boyant then your limit switch tongs need bent down a little farther ..repeat until your gas level in your carb is right. theres other things it could be to so poste if that worked . The other possible problem is your needle fuel valve and valve seat could have some thing in it.. to check that pull your bowl off again and hold them tongs up till they start to flex.. with your other hand turn your tank valve on gas should'nt come out until you let down the tongs ... let em down pushem up make sure the gas is'nt coming out when they are pushed up(which is what the float is there for.) if gas comes out when you are holding the prongs(tongs) up then take the needle valve at the engine side of your gas line out of your carb and cleanit out blow it out and install it do this until the obstruction is gone ..Good luck HDPT
It's an NT style carb, just buy a new one with the pink box filter on it. they're like $10-15 bucks no point rebuilding when you can get brand new and better for the same or near the same price.
Jonj57, it has been 9 years.
I think they probably have it figured out or have given up already!

Check the date stamps before you answer people's problems.
We all have that moment where we revive a dead thread forgetting to check the date. I actually think I found this thread through the most watched threads of the week email. haha