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    hows every1 doin ive jus found this site n i decided it was kool ive posted 1 pic of my got bored toy n i jus thought id say hey2 every1

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    ok lets try again

    im still not sure how 2 do a few things on here yet but i figured id better say a lil bout myself k here goes my intentions when i built this bike was 4 me 2 save money on gas n also since i dot really drive anymore let my license exspire it started as a way 2 work without walking or peddling in it turned out 2 b y new obsesion at first i had a beach cruiser then it had long azz fenders kept getting guys wantn 2 buy it but it wasnt 4 sale i stil get guys wantn 2 uy it but price scares them ive checked out other pics n ive noticed we all have our own ways of doin stuff n i think everybodys stuff is great keep it up guys n girls u r a great bunch
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    speak english

    welcome to MBc

    we don't text-speak real well here,,,,:helpsmilie:

    try whole words & some punctuation.:biggrin:
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    ill try to be better just remember i have a whole lot of education and im here for fun not education bye and have a great day