HF 1" water pump w/ 1.5HP 52cc 2-Stroke engine

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    is on sale right now (coupon required) for $79.99. (Sale is yesterday through the 9th (Tuesday.) It's not CARB compliant (EPA only,) so you can't get it in CA.

    There's a couple of threads on this site about this engine, and of getting HF's clutch parts for it on the site. It's apparently a clone of the Mistubishi TL engine (Pre-TLE)

    I've got the coupon, if anyone wants it. Shoot me a PM with your address & I'll drop it in the mail today. If you're west of the Mississippi, it should get there by Tuesday...
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  2. loquin

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    BTW. HF has their parking lot sale the 12th through the 14th, and their 6.5HP horizontal shaft motor is listed at $89.99, and, you should be able to use the 20% coupon on it...
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    I think the engine is made for one speed only so the carb needs to be changed(I could be wrong). Do you know what kind of clutch they sell at HF? I didn't see one on their site. FYI I get stuff from them all the time, they have a great flux core welder for custom frames.