HF 79cc mounted on top of bmp carrier to power right freewheel coaster

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best setup/mount for a HF 79cc engine

  1. friction drive

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  2. center frame drive

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  3. rear carrier freewheel chain drive

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  4. 3600rpms are to low for me **** the HF 79cc

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  1. after being bummed out about breaking my clutch drum/shaft on my friction drive i finally came up with an easier to fabricate idea looking at my bike i noticed a rare feature most bikes dont have threads on both sides of the rear hub allowing 2 freewheel coasters to be installed at the same time currently my bikes set up with the pedal powering front sproket and chain all on the left side leaving my right side open for an additional freewheel direct chain drive from engine shaft to freewheel setup no clutch needed wich seems to be the #1 problem mounting the HF 79cc up all i gotta fab is a way to mount a 44ish tooth front sprocket securely to the HF 79cc drive shaft via adapter and wallah a HF 79cc ride that can be pedaled along at idle and let off the gas downhill with no need for a clutch or engine stop switch to mount the engine i would just drill 4 holes and put it on top of my bmp carrier having the engine more centered then a traditional friction drive would also be great to for added control and stability look at my attached pick for the dual hub threads to see what i mean

    maybe you could even do a dual derailer shift hub setup alowwing to change pedal gears on one side and change engine powered gears on the opposite side

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  2. o yeah and ofcoarse im sure id have to cut some of the bmp carrier up to allow the sprocket mounted to the engines driveshaft to be perfectly lined up verticly with my hubs freewheel coaster on the right side

    after searching flip flop hubs i see theres concern or disbeleif this setup will not work due to the direction the opposite freewheel will need to spin for forward movement but i see the fix to this problem is to flip flop the engine position and driveshaft direction and if exhaust is a concern get a u pipe to route it back behind you
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    On my Tadpole, I have freewheels on both sides. It works well. Go for it.
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    Punctuation would also be a viable project.
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    Well said. :)