Hi all, You will prolly think I'm whack :D

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    Hello, I found this site after I kinda got started on my own motorized project bike, so chances are my project may not function after I get done, but it will be fun building :D

    Started off at work, while waiting for a manager to unlock a door, I noticed a 25cc leaf blower, and thought, "hey, that shouldn't be too hard to mount to a bike"

    So I managed to pick up a 25cc weed eater and I'm gonna use a belt system on the left side of the frame so I can use all the gears. I'm gonna strip off the pedals and install footpegs, so in essence it won't really be a bicycle anymore.

    hope to get quite a bit of info from the folks on here.


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    Welcome aboard.

    I don't quite understand how you plan to use your gears without the pedals. Are you planning on running your engine's drive through the bicycle gears?

    And if you take the pedals away, then your bike will be a slightly different breed than ours. Not that this would make you unwelcome here. Though I do think that there's a rule that bikes in the photo gallery must have working pedals.

    Still, good luck and have fun.
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    Creating a belt drive from scratch can get complicated. A DIY friction drive setup would be less expensive and have you on the road sooner. You can use any gears, hubs and brakes with friction drive. Check out some DIY projects in our friction drive sub-forum.
    You might want to do friction drive now while you have some nice days left to ride and tinker with the belt drive system over the winter.
    We look forward to seeing some pics.