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    Hello my name is Philip. Since I'm here you know I like bikes. I have been riding most of the time since 1979 when I first rode a Schwin stingray with banana seat. I do alot of riding, but not lately because I moved up here to Washington state( from California,the birthplace of bmx) and it's been nothing but ice and snow. Seems every winter I work on a new bike project and I never knew they put engines in bicycles until this last week. I always wanted an engine on my bike(s). Last winter I built 4 custom bike frames inside my apartment(no machine shop here!!) and it looks like this year I will be putting together a bicycle/motorcycle hopefully in the next few days.

    Back in the early days (late 70's) as a rider we rode in a field with motorcycles and bmx bikes. I don't ride motorcycles but I always said if I could get a 50 pound motorcycle than **** yeah I love going fast. So I just got a mountain bike for this project and hopefully every thing arrives soon,except of coarse my credit card bill!!!!!

    Feel free to ask me questions, I have been building and riding bikes for close to thirty years. I can help with most anything bike realted whether lacing a wheel or tips for doing steamrollers,decades 360's and so on................
    But his engine thing is new to me.


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    Welcome aboard Philip.
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    I was wondering about gas tanks. My kit is going to come with the usual large tank to mount to the toptube. I am wondering if there is any other good ways to store the gas maybe in the rear under the seat and also wondering if the gas tank to has to be mounted above the engine for proper fuel delivery?????
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    tank mount

    here ya go ! this how i mounted my tank on rear rack under seat, works good, & doesnt look to bad, soon to fabricate a tank within the old frame tank & battery box wiil go where tank is now!

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    welcome to MBc ! :D
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    Welcome to MBc. :cool:
    On the "in frame" Happy Time 2 stroke motor the fuel tank must be above the carb, it is gravity feed.
    On most of the rack mount type 2 strokes you can mount it below the carb, it has a diaphragm type fuel pump.
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    Welcome aboard!
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    Thanks for the idea. Today I got a rack that attaches to the seatpost that is rated for 20lbs. Mounting a tank in the rear is a good idea because my toptube has 3 cables on top already and I think placing the gas tank as far away from the engine is a good way to keep from bursting into flames!!!

    Thanks for the input guys!!
    I wonder far far one could go on a tank of gas with a 48cc.???
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    Welcome to MBc. See? Posting an intro wasn't so hard,,, and look? Ya making friends already too!!

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    I did'nt know about the intro. Suprised no one said "hey what's a decade".... See pic. I built the frame and handlebars myself with seamless 4130 and columbus tubing.

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