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    Hey there - I'm supposed to post something about myself, not much to tell but I ride a Gary Fisher Big Sur, but I've wanted to build a gas powered sweetheart for some time now. I haven't even found the frame yet, but this is something I'd love to do this winter in my spare time. Hopefully someone out there can suggest which engines are ones to watch out for in good and bad ways, and I can find a good old cruiser frame for next summer.
    Nice to find a site like this, I never even thought to look until now !!
    Cheers everyone, Mike

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    I started my motor bicycle at the end of last summer and pick up a part here and there every month or so.
    You can check out my user profile and see what I'm doing. I was in the same boat as you looking to put something togethor and things just kinda built themselves after learning whats what.

    Se Ya Later:detective: