Hi everyone from Portugal!

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    Hi everyone :D
    I'm João Esteves and i'm portuguese and last year I started a engine bike with a cut-grass engine (is this the right way to say that?? :D ) that its suspended for two weeks ago :D
    I want to learn more about motorized bycicles
    Now everyone sorry about my english :D
    Hugs everyone (i don't know other way to say bye :D :D )
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    Hello Joao,
    Welcome aboard.
    We would say, "lawnmower engine". But cut-grass engine was good enough. It wasn't hard to see what you meant.

    Your bicycle is "suspended" two weeks ago. I imagine that means that something has broken, right? You are likely to find some help here.

    Good luck and have fun.

    I'm trying to imagine what sort of riding conditions might exist in Portugal. You're not on the Meditteranean Sea. But maybe your climate is similar? I'll bet it's a great place to bicycle.