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    My Name is Dave Pagano and Im located in Sydney. Almost 2 months ago I lost my car licence for speeding and bought one of these chinese 2 stroke 66cc engine kits for my Mountain bike.

    Living in a rural area with no public trasport and travelling around for work (up to 500ks a week) meant I needed wheels.
    I mounted my engine, got it going and have been using it with varying degrees of success.

    I have had two major blow ups (replaced a crank and rod) and last week seized a piston when I think the circlip came out. Also the frame has cracked in two twice.

    Along the way I have done several mods which have made the bike faster and more reliable and currently am having a pretty good run with it.

    Believe it or not I am actually starting to look forward to going on my missions. I feel like Im in the world rally preparing every night for the next stage of the event. Today I did over 100km and only had to stop to retighten the engine into the frame. When I have broken down I have been really well looked after at workshops wherever I am with the guys lending me tools, even welders etc to get me going again.

    Schoolboys look at me with envy (Im 42) when I pass.

    Its fun passing the traffic jams on the freeway and getting to my appointments in the same time it takes to drive.

    I found this site today and cant believe the following these bikes have. Although I believe these could be a great alternative transport I also know that the current legislation will find a way to outlaw them.

    Even when I get my licence back at the end of July I will continue using my bike (probably with my own set up using a Quality Jap or European 4 stroke).
    Hopefully I can stay under the radar of the law till then (they have ignored me up till now).
    You can check out my adventure diary to date on this link http://nswcorvettes.com.au/forum/viewthread.php?tid=7151
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    Hi Dave and welcome to MBc. Nice intro, sounds like you're an already pretty familiar with tinkering on these things. Lot of Aussies post on these boards and yeah, I read some legislation seems to be making it's way through the bureaucracy down under. Might want to check, maybe get involved?
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    so was it windsor post office that got done...
    the reaction you got from the police officer
    is consistent with every police incident, I have heard/read of so far.

    i read all of your story, way interesting,
    your experience on other motors shows in spades,
    when you've applied it to the HT engine.

    that crash was spectacular.
    and the hemmies were a hoot.

    going to post this against your other legals post as it makes more sense there


    welcome by the way.
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    Hi Will. It was the Llandilo Post office that got held up. Its run by an older couple. Im sick of these Bxxstards doing this.

    Yeah Ive got plenty of experience fixing broken engines. Ive been racing speedboats for over 10 years. Ive taken a fair few of them home in pieces.

    Im still hurting from my accident last week. My torn pants are taking pride of place in my "offerings to the gods of speed "section in my workshop.