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  1. alwaysinterested

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    Hello, my name is Cedrick. I'm so pleased to have found your site. I have been fascinated with the concept of putting a motorized drivetrain on a bike, but have yet to build (no garage). I am so excited to search out the best ideas. Thank you ,Cedrick

  2. PatrickW

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    Cedrick, I didn't have a garage when I built the first Meteor...I just spread a few clean plastic dropcloths on the familiy room floor, and gave it a a go. Of course I hadn't put any gas or oil into it. That might be an idea.
  3. V 35

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    I agree, the bike stays ' dry ' until it's finished, once gas is added, it shouldn't be stored indoors. Bikes take up little room. What takes up room is the tools and small parts. Cheapo tackle boxes hold small fasteners. Plastic jars work well for larger objects like chains and cables. A good workbench is a must. Figure on kneeling a lot, with the bike parked on floor, and prepared parts on the bench. Probably add an upgrade kickstand first, allows spinning rear wheel, speeding assembly time.
  4. alwaysinterested

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    Thank you so much for your helpful suggestions. Now just convincing the wife that I will be taking up some living space...wish me luck