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    Hi I need tips on how to care for new motors. I am buying a 2 stroke 48/50cc motor. i owned the same motor but i stuff it up. As you can see I'm 12 and please don't tell me I'm to young to ride a MB or anything like that . I don't mean to be disrespectful but i don't want to debate over it. Also i have bought a different spark plug. Its a NGK B6HS. Thanks in advance

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    Hmmm... I saw no one answered this. No, I won't tell you not to ride. I used to be 12 too, and I know what I wanted. I will suggest you wear long pants, boots, gloves, and a helmet. Stuff happens! If you MUST ride in traffic, try to avoid times of day when there is a lot. And don't ride when visibility is poor. Also, lights help!

    Part of caring for a new motor is caring for the rider.

    The main thing with these new motors is to break them in carefully. Some guys will tell you that it's OK to run with very little oil mixed in the gas. I suggest you just follow the instructions. On mine, it was 16:1 for 500km! Followed by 20:1, using quality synthetic oil. As tempting as it will be, try not to run the bike at wide open throttle (WOT) during the break-in. (I was not able to follow that rule. But even then, I only ran it full bore for a few seconds at a time.) The standard "prescription" for breaking in 2-strokes is to "heat cycle" them--heating them up and cooling them down.

    Also, your mounting nuts, exhaust nuts, and head nuts will tend to shake loose, so LocTite everything, and check those at LEAST daily. Your chain will stretch a lot too. The stock chain tensioner is not very trustworthy, in my opinion, so check that often, even during rides. It can roll over into the spokes, making you crash, maybe, and causing a lot of damage, certainly. Carry the wrenches you need for that stuff with you all the time.

    As hard as it is, just putt around, at first. I have ruined two motorcycle engines by running them too hard, two soon!

    You will hear it and feel it when the engine starts to break in. It will vibrate less, get less "rattly" sounding, and gain power. During this period, you might have to change your jetting several times. Do a search on "carburetor tuning" to get up to speed on that stuff. My motor "felt" broken in at about 125 miles (200km). I changed my mix to 20:1, and I bought the best 2-stroke oil I could find (Maxima 927). I had to re-jet again. Bike is now at 340 miles and is just coming into it's own.

    All the above in one sentence: CHECK EVERYTHING EVERY DAY.

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    Thanks, you are one of the best of people i have seen on this website and your tips are really helpful thanks again.
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    the fact you asked questions shows you are old enough, 12 is not to young, I road many bikes at your age, I have a 11-13 year old boy and 12 girls that ride with me and there dad's on the weekends we live in the country so we have lots of low traffic streets we can ride on.
    The main thing young people and old people forget to remember is to respect the bike respect the engine, if you abuse it will not last, so many people forget to add the oil to the gas as well and simple maintenance.
    Also if you have plastic fender take them off the front and back, metal fenders are OK just lock-tic every screw , bolt. encase you do not know what lock-tic it a small tub of stuff you can buy at a hardware/auto parts store. just add the lock-tic to all the threads of the nuts and bolts, let it dry before you ride your MB

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    O and welcome to the form
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