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  1. theatk

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    im completely new to all of this motorized bike stuff.. but i find it really rad!!
    i saw someone riding there bike today while i was @ work, and i was surprised how fast they wizzed by :shock:

    then i read how good the gas mileage is on these puppies !!!

    im extremely scared to build my own......... i was wondering if there is any place that sells a nice looking bike with the motor already assembled and everything ..........
    i would like a gas bike i think

    thanks for any help!!
    have a good day
    and ride safe

  2. SirJakesus

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    Spooky tooth sells some nice pre-build MBs. I've never bought anything from them other than a few parts but I've heard good things about their build quality. HT engines aren't the "best" out there but thats all debatable anyways... I think fiveflagsmotorbikes has some ready to ride MBs as well.
    Be prepared to work on them, most likely nobody around you will service a motorized bike so you have to be mechanically inclined to own one. Building one with patience and care is the best way to learn about the dynamics of the MB in my opinion.
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