High quality Oil Seals | Roller Bearings | Seals | Engine Bearings for 2 stroke

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    Hey there guys,

    Just have here some high quality parts for replace the crappy installed on ht engines

    - 2x Oil Seals High Quality, double lip(stock just have one) 15x27x7 (also fits the magneto side) - 9.40$

    - Small roller Bearing High Quality by NTN Made in Japan 10x14x13 - 13$

    - 2x SKF 6202-2RSH High Quality bearing for crankcase or clutch - 25$

    - 1x High Quality viton (fuel resistant) seal for stock carburetor (intake) - 1.60$

    - 1x High Quality seal for top carburettor (where attaches thottle cable) - 1.30$

    - 1x Fuel Filter, High Quality High Flow - 4.0$

    Some pics:

    Left - Stock oil seal; Right - High Quality double lip oil seal




    Shipping will be around 11 or 12$, for low weight items, registered.

    Any doubts, just shoot ;)