homemade tank?

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  1. masterx1234

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    hey im trying to help a friend that lives in canada build his own friction motorized bike, but he wants to make his own gas tank.,,hes using using the bmp kit, so does anyone have some pictures or information that we could use for references? your help will be greatly appreciated, i myself am a long time motorbiker but ive never had to make a custom gas tank.. so yea just feel free to share any info
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  2. Richard H.

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    Number of ways and materials to do it, from welded steel to plastic and degrees of difficulty. Some will say just buy a plastic side tank.

    But if you want to build one, as you say, the discussion would be incomplete without mentioning PVC. Fairly low cost, low degree of difficulty and lots of room for innovation in where and how you mount it.

    Here's the basic idea, check it out:
  3. RedBaronX

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    if I ever get a Worksman, I've found my gas tank... (the PVC home-made)
  4. motorpsycho

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    that has to be the ugliest "gas tank" i have ever seen!
    and what's with the crazy intake set up with the flexible pipe and juice bottle?
  5. ferball

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    The tank is ugly, blue paint was all I could find. Most of my "mods" tend to be **** kicking around the garage and shed. The intake was just something I was trying out to reduce intake noise with a remote air intake. There is actually a sponge in the soda bottle acting as the air filter. I was gonna take it off but my son thought it made it look cool, so I stayed with it. If you think that build is ugly, wait until you see the frame I put together, pictures will be coming soon.
  6. Wheres my dog

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    I built me a test one a while back....

    Make sure you use "SEALS ALL" to cement it together! Found in Lowes in the glue section, not the PVC section!

    A world of possibilities and sizes are possible with PVC!
  7. Htown

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    You should consider investing in HDPE pipe. That way you build it once. PVC will soften over time and deteriorate, irrespective of contact with light. There may be some sealant you can use inside the PVC tank but I would go with HDPE and do it once.
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    good idea.
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  9. Wheres my dog

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    That sample homebrew tank I built right about a year ago is still perfectly dry and has not leaked a drop!

    I have it filled to the top and have had it sitting in every possible direction and orientation!

    NO signs of any SEALS ALL deterioration inside or outside the tank... my thought are that even if the PVC TANK only lasts a year, it is well worth the less then $8 cost of building one!

    Will update again in another year's time
  10. ferball

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    My tank sat all winter half full, and no problems. I think PVC for tanks is fine, but I am not willing to say ten years from now it will still be in decent shape, but the bike will be dead by then anyway.