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  1. Atlanta CPR

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    Well guys, I found an NE5 cylinder kit. The kit and my 2002 WC1 motor are on their way to Quenton. I understand that the WC1 with the NE5 cylinder kit will make it a Hot Rod Whizzer. Wow! My 1999 whizzer underwent an experimental Quentonization Process that will save thousands of Whizzer Motor Bikes. I have put over 200 miles on The Whizzer Experiment (top speed 43 mph). I can wait to test both whizzers side by side!

  2. jbcruisin

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    Did you get it back yet?
  3. Atlanta CPR

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    Hey JB! No, the USPS broke the flywheel and some fins. So, i'm working on replacing that stuff. I'll be on the road real soon!!!!!
  4. jbcruisin

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    Wow!! That's terrible. hope you get what you need.
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    Sorry to hear that Atlanta, how bad is the flywheel ? that thing is a beast, might be a good time to send it to Bill Green. send him a PM. have you moved the trigger plate forward yet ? Hope things all work out for you.

  6. Atlanta CPR

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    YES!!!! My Hot Rod Whizzer is done! The flywheel got welded. That "Quenton is The Whizzer Man!". You have to love that dude. Thank You Quenton!!
  7. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Atlanta CPR,

    Motor is in the shipping carton and leaving here today. I packaged it a much bigger box and used extra padding, hopefully it will arrive intact.

    Have fun,
  8. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi Atlanta CPR,

    Your motor has "left the building". It is on the way to you via UPS.

    You will need to purchase a spark plug, as I am out of the short NGK 10 MMM version.

    Please understand the original WC-1 spark plug won't fit the upgraded motor, as it was a 14 MM plug and I couldn't make it fit the smaller 10 MM hole, LOL.

    One of the modifications I made on your motor was to machine the head to accept the NGK 10 MM .500" reach spark plug. The late WC-1 motors had the smaller 10 MM hole, but used an NGK C7E, as did the later NE head. Bad news is.......the plug is way too long and extended too far into the combustion chamber. This extra long spark plug makes the motor run hotter, and in many cases hits the exhaust valve on motors with the high lift camshaft with a milled head[like yours]. The "rule of thumb" is every exposed spark plug thread can increase the head temperature by 50 degrees [4 threads = 200 degrees]. Many added extra spark plug washers to reduce the amount of threads extended into the combustion chamber, but doesn't transfer the heat correctly to the head. Simply installing a shorter plug in a stock NE head doesn't work, as the threads in the stock head are between sizes. A NGK C7E [.750" reach] is too long, and the NGK C7HSA [.500" reach] is too short.

    It is very important you install the correct spark plug, as controlling the heat transfer is most important on Whizzer motors. I will take a few minuites to explain why this is important.

    The object is to use a plug hot enough to burn off combustion deposits, yet not over heat the motor. Normally when a motors compression ratio is increased [as in your motor]the plug should be colder, NOT hotter.

    Many spark plug companies rate their plugs differently, so be careful. If you want a colder NGK spark plug, the numbers are higher, whereas Champions are the opposite [higher numbers are hotter].

    Many select spark plug heat ranges incorectly, and always think hotter is better, NOT TRUE!

    A colder spark plug is one that transfers heat rapidly from the firing tip into the engine head, which keeps the firing tip colder. A “hot plug” has a much slower rate of heat transfer, which keeps the firing tip hotter. If you move one complete heat range it can make a difference of 70 to 100 degrees in the combustion chamber. Remember, plug heat range refers to the speed with which the plug can transfer heat from the combustion chamber to the engine head.

    You can use the following in your motor.......
    Autolite 2795
    Champion Z9Y

    set the gap at .027"

    Have fun,
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  9. Atlanta CPR

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    I just ordered 2 NGK C7HSA!

    Whoa, I'm on cloud 9 thinking about my Hot Rod Whizzer!
    Thanks Quenton!
  10. Quenton Guenther

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    In the future I would suggest posting the results on this site, as one of the other sites got very upset because I decided to spend the majority of my internet time helping others on this site again.

    Looking forward to your progress reports, and don't go too fast!

    Have fun,
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  12. Atlanta CPR

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    My motor is here, but, I missed the UPS guy! Going to hang at the house tomorrow.
  13. jbcruisin

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    I hate when that happens.
  14. Atlanta CPR

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  15. Atlanta CPR

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    I GOT IT!!!! It's going on tonight!!!!!
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    Do it Atlanta!!!!!!
  17. chainmaker

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    Post some pics of your bike.
  18. big kountry 75

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    I just checked out your link for ez motorbike company what engines do y'all sell and what prices do y'all have I'm building my first bike an want too get it right the first time.
  19. Quenton Guenther

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    Hi big kountry 75,

    We specialize in building American made drive systems, and use the 49 CC four stroke HS 142A motor in our kits. The HS 142A motor has proven to be a great motor for motorbike use because of its wide RPM range [2000 to 8000 RPMs] and durability. The Honda GXH50 is an optional motor for our kit. Our drive has been attached to a wide selection of 4 stroke motors, and one of the recent choices has been the Harbor Freight 79 and 99 CC motors.

    I would suggest email or PM me to discuss prices and options, as we don't want to break any rules on this site.

    Have fun,
  20. Atlanta CPR

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    I just put my Hot Rodded Whizzer back together in no time flat. She started up with ease. The sound that she make is nothing compared to the POWER that she puts out! My bike is so powerful, that, I have decided I need to upgrade my brakes!