how do i attach a sproket to a chainsaw?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Bible Man 20, Nov 9, 2009.

  1. Bible Man 20

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    alright, to begin i have a chainsaw engine that runs great.It has a centrificul clutch which spins the chain.will the "sproket" already on the chainsaw that pulls the regular chain work with pulling a bicycle chain?if not how would i go about attacking a sproket to the engine.(i can get acces to a welder but that would take awhile.)

  2. professor

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    Actually, a chainsaw is one of the engines I considered. But, the clutch is kind of backward and you would have to weld a regular sprocket to it, and from what I have seen there are usually housings in the way. Though, the chain could go straight back away from the engine.
    You can't directly go from the clutch to a bike rear wheel because the ratio is wrong. You need a jackshaft to gear down, or some kind of gearbox.
    They are also very loud- a calling card for attention.
  3. motor_head

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    weld a small sproket to it make sure its centered really well