How do i mod this type of pipe baffle?.


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Feb 9, 2008
It has 2 round metal Disk on both ends one going into the engine and one coming out. and in the middle connecting them is has a thin tube thats dented in the middle and is full of holes.

Soo i gess like this -0==0

Not the acuel pipe but some pics of the same type of pipe i have. IMO found them on this site.

thank you :cool:
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I can't believe you would ask such a question. The man is obviously dealing with a very dangerous baffle with some serious attitude. In my younger days I've done similar things with only a whip and a chair for protection but now I'm older and wiser. Anytime I take my muffler apart, I want serious firepower.
Mark, you didn't say what you wish to accomplish with your mods. Are you looking for quiet, or power?
I just keep a big hammer handy when I'm working on stuff. If the project goes badly I may not want to kill it, just beat it into submission.
Sorry Sorry i didn't even know there were other mods.

I want Power :D. Is there any way to achieve that by cutting/drilling the baffle?.


The gun No clue. Maybe a toy perhaps?
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If you shoot it then it will have more holes to make your engine breath easier!

DAX has the plan on his website but this is an older muffler. I bet taking that middle pipe out will do the same as far as easier breathing. It will get a bit louder though.
Doesn't look all that weird. Can you straighten out the crimp in the middle so you are left with a straight through pipe. You could then wrap it with fiberglass and reinstall it into the expansion chamber, giving you a straight through glass pack.
I tried to straighten it out but its no use. Tried pliers and a hammer it wont budge. The metal is super hard.

Any other suggestions? thanks :cool:

Btw i dont have any fiber glass