How fast does yours go?

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  1. brendonv

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    I want to see how fast everyone's motors go so i can see if mine goes about the same. Mine goes 45km/h-50km/h so 30mp/h, how fast does yours go?


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  2. kawasaki999

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    52.5 mph by a gps.
  3. brendonv

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    WHOLE ****!!! thats like 85km/h, u can go that fast on a bike, wouldnt it like rattle to pieces? lol. Impressive man, very impressive. I **** myself doing over 35mph on a push bike so yeh, wouldnt like to hit a pothole at that speed lol.
  4. VincenT

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    52.5??? I don't even like driving my pinzgauer that fast... What kind of motor and setup are you running??? any pictures?
  5. HoughMade

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    I too am curious about that setup.

    On mine, top speed near 40 mph- speedo jumpy at that point so it may be a couple of mph less....faster than it needs to be, anyway. It cruises easily between 25 and 30 mph.
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  6. losenup

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    45-50km/h (30mph) with a **** of a noise. I need to do something about it. I want to cruise with moderat rev and without all the noise and comotion.
    Right now I rather not go faster then 30Km/h because it gets to much rev if I go faster.

    62cc china-kit.
  7. kawasaki999

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    Its a gp-460 46cc 4.5 hp full suspension bike with a disk brake, gebe kit.

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  8. jared3377

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    I hit 29 mph this afternoon, but I usually enjoy cruising at around 20-24 mph. I am planning some mods for better performance, but for me the mods are more for the accelerating and climbing power. :cool:
  9. stude13

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    wow! bring that beauty to bonneville this sept. check out mbra. contact augie. thanks mitch