How Much Is Good Lighting Worth?



I think I'm on to a way to build a lighting kit that will work on any motorized bicycle and weighs less than a ton. The kit will be made available with or without the battery and with a built-in charging system. Also included will be a headlight, taillight and brakelight.

Here's the rub:

I don't know if the market will support such a kit. A complete charging system will cost a lot more than many of the lighting systems that are currently available. How much would you be willing to pay?

If I think it profitable I'll start making the kits but with no idea of what users are willing to pay I've no idea if I can make it cheaply enough to sell it. I really don't want to go out and spend a lot of money building something no one wants to buy or can't afford so tell me what you'd be willing to pay.

And please don't be shy.

just for kicks

I myself couldnt begin to give a price on something without telling you what I'd want in the kit which would then impact your whole cost but just to spit out a number I'd have to say max of $125 but it would have to be a pretty slick kit.
no rinky-dink tire/friction generators.
no plastic light enclosures.
no bulbs that fizzle out on the first bump.

I'm thinking CF and aluminum<(color anodizing optional) for enclosures and mounts with stainless steel hardware.
Bright LED's.
Rechargeable LI-PO batts would be nice.
Surprize me with the generator:LOL:

I think you'd be better off just making it the way you'd want it and at a cost thats reasonable to you and go from there.

So a headlight and a taillight sounds good.
what are they made from?
how bright are the lights?
what do they look like?
do they use common bulbs-leds or what?

On the brake light.
does it have a switch also to activate it or specially wired brake levers?
is the switch adapable to all brake levers out there?
do both brake levers activate the light or just one?

I strongly believe there is a market for a good/durable/efficient bright headlight/taillight kit(brake light optional).

The biggest problem seems to be getting enough consistant electric power to run lights.Lights themselves are out there in a thousand different styles


Thanks for your input.

Actually I've considered offering a generator/alternator, voltage regulator and the necessary wiring, plugs etc and letting people use their own lights as you're right there are lots of lights that could be easily adapted.

I tried a couple of those dynamos that ride against the tire: one worked for a couple of days and the other never lit the first bulb. And I wonder if the tire sidewalls might wear out before the tread surface.

There's already brake levers available with switches wired in and I saw a switch that hooks to the brake cable online somewhere. Switching will be the easy part.

Since starting this project a few years ago my goal has always been to make the best parts possible. I hate cheap junk! I stand by my name, Billy Jones and my brand, StreetPlanes, and when I finally get to the point where I can sell my own products they will be the best I can build. I also want to offer products that can be repaired should they break and I like including as many off the shelf parts as possible so myself and others can simply run right out to the nearest bike shop, auto parts store or big box store and pick up the odds and ends.
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Nov 4, 2006

A search for "lighting" turned up 50 threads & this one!

Remember..."It's always best to post in an existing thread."

Several of our members are working on lighting systems. Maybe you could find a thread and swap ideas.
At MBc, we are more interested in sharing, than selling.

Feel free to use our Buy,Sell & Trade forum when you have an item for sale.
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-- This post is OT, but not sure where it should be placed --

I agree, these kind of posts really weakens the community spirit. The best thing for people to do is make a design, share it, and then offer to build one (for a fee) for people unwilling to put the time in to build one themselves.

This board, in my mind, is not about market research. Worst, I've gone out and measured the electrical performance of my bike, I don't like the idea of people designing something based on my measurements, and then not sharing their new designs.

BTW - streetplanes, this is not personal, I'm just offering my opinion.


me too...i'm a lot harder about it than 'davo, so you should heed his friendly advice...MBc is about sharing, profit (not that there's anything wrong with it) should take a second chair to progress :cool:

an adept market analyst could get all the statistics he needs simply by reading everything here and paying attention.