How to cut or adjust chain?

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    Hi everyone, i'm new here and seeking for some help. I got an 80cc motor from ebay and just recent hook it to my bike but the chain is a little bit too long. I've also try with the chain tention that came with the motor but still a lot slack, so before i do something stupid what should i check first? What would be the best way to cut or adjust a chain without doing a lot of damage? Please let me know before i do something i regret. Thanks a lot guys.

    BTW, my moutain bike is a 26" Magna Glacier Point.
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  2. Mountainman

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    a chain breaker tool
    bicycle shops sell them fairly low price
    WallMart even sometimes has them for around 8 dollars at many stores

    a few more dollars at a bicycle shop
    but -- they will show you how they work also -- take bike with you

    ride the MB thing
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    it will show you some basic ideas.

    When you measure the length, have the drive chain on and the roller at the lowest. then you need to work out which pin to push out, so your chain's detachable link fits on as it does now.
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    WOW, i'm surprise these tools exsisted i'd never thought about it until you guys mention it. I was thinking more like using a hammer and some kind of nail to bang the **** out of the chain, LOL! but thank goodness i ask before i did something dangerous. So any chain tools should work? I notice that the chain is a bit bigger than the one that comes with the bike. Thanks again for the reply guys.
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    You might have to modify a bike shop chain tool slightly. I used a dremel to widen the gaps, a bit at a time, slot the chain each time till it fits and shaped it just for the HT size chain to fit.

    A file would do the same if you don't have a dremel tool, infact you might make a better job of it using a thin file.
    Use a old bike chain and figure how it works first, then once you have figured it, then go for it on the drive chain you have to shorten.

    You may also need to get a old nail, shorten it just enough cos the tool's pin on the end of ther screw may not be long enough to push the chain pin out all the way. If it don't, then use the nail to push the pin out the remainder of the way. It depends though on what chain tool you end up getting. Some can push the chain pin out further than others.
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    no doubt Pablo

    no doubt Pablo
    your chain tool is a good deal

    but -- if it was me wanting to fix and ride
    not sure that I could wait for an order through the mail ???

    wanting to ride that THING right now !!!
  8. Pablo

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    I understand.

    Shipped a pipe to a guy in Ohio on Monday. He had it Tuesday. Most everything is Priority or First class mail ~ 1-2-3 days.
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    hey guys, i have an opposite problem...right now im gonna buy another chain, because mine is short...

    well i bought a chian breaker from sears...and its too small...i guess a dremmel or file would fix it, but im more into the idea of:

    "bangging the little rod out with a nail and hammer combination" since im gonna have 2 removable links then re-linking could be possilbe without any problem...

    can it be done?
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    had to make do

    sure it can
    that's the way in which many had to do it for a long time
    some of us could not afford all the proper tools
    had to make do

    ride that thing sideways
  11. i use a jigsaw to cut a link and pliers to break the pieces off and the pin falls out and do this in two places and then put on master link on bike.