how to hook up clutch

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    im having truble hooking up the clutch(i just dont know how )everything i have read just dosent show me how or i dont understand can somone explain how ,the arm on the engine what postion is that spose tov be in its real lose,this is my first bike

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    Welcome Bigfella,

    We could use a little more information. What are you installing... a GEBE kit, Staton chain, or friction drive? And what size bike are you installing it on.

    Let us know so we can get you going.

  3. BigFella

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    sorry its 70cc motor and its in a sting ray chopper im having touble with hookin it up to the clutch lever and how it works
    his a pic

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    Hi again Bigfella,

    I think you want to post in the "Frame-Mount" forum. This is the "Rack-Mount" forum. They will be able to give you the information you need.


  5. BigFella

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    thanks sorry guys i have worked it out after more hours of reading