How to test a unknown motor+controller

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    A guy at work took all the electric motor stuff off of a razor brand dirt bike and replaced it with a 50cc pocket bike engine.
    Supposedly the batteries were bad.

    He was going to throw it in the dumpster,but i wouldn't let him So now I have a my1020-36 electric motor, the motor controller and the throttle.

    I know this is 36 volt but i've hooked a 12v jumper pack to the motor and it runs fine as far as I can tell,but when i hook everything up though the controller and throttle nothing works. Does the controller have to have 36 volts to work any at all?

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  2. Dilly Bar Rob

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    If the system is 36 volt then most likely yes - you would have to use that voltage before you could conclude if the controller is bad or not.

    It may or may not work at 24volts, maybe try that next...
  3. Smallblock

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    That's what I figured. Thanks.
  4. johnrobholmes

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    Yeah, there will be a low voltage cutoff. Probably around 24v
  5. Bobocop

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    A 36v controller has an Under Voltage Protection of about 31.5 volts, This is to protect the batteries from fully draining (damaging the batteries)
    there for the controller will not work unless you supply it with a voltage greater then that. (at least 32 volts)

    The motor with direct power will start turning at very low volts.
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    Wonder what the result of this testing was....