How to wire the CDI to the Magneto and Spark Plug cap troubles

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by christophermcmahon, Oct 15, 2014.

  1. christophermcmahon

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    Hey guys I have finally finished puting everything on the bike, now I am just working on the electrical parts and I want some reassurance on if I am connecting it correctly. It's blue to blue and black to black from the magneto to the CDI correct ? My kill switch has a red and black wire so my guess is the black goes to black and red goes to blue, but one video told me that I have to ground the black wire to the frame? Is this correct? Also when I was fitting the spark plug to the spark cap and took it out, a spring fell of of the cap and so did the small metal piece for the spark plug to connect to. I put that piece back in and heard a click but left the spring out. Will I need to get a new CDI? Where can I find one? Hopefully Walmart or some where close I hate ordering stuff online then waiting. Thanks in advanced

  2. butre

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    that video had outdated information. just match colors.

    you shouldn't need a new cdi, but replacing the plug wire might be a good idea
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    kill switch wiring: one wire to the blues and one wire to circuit common which is not always the bike frame if there is material between the frame and the clamps, such as a cutout section of inner tube. Best to run one of the kill switch wires back to some screw on the engine.

    maybe some place that carries stuff for lawn care equipment may have a spark plug cap, or a motorcycle shop.
  4. crassius

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    that cap is no good now, but it unscrews from the wire for replacement