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    Apparently, I must introduce myself before I post. I am 65 years old, ride a Honda Helix with training wheels, and the way things are evolving I may be back in diapers in 10-15 years.

    I'm interested in bicycle engines, because they are engines, and they make wheels turn. I am as fascinated by mopeds and electric scoots as I am custom Harleys, and weed wackers. A month ago, my nephew bought a friction drive Subaru Robins for his bike. The clutch disintegrated and cracked the aluminum housing that surrounds it. Should be an easy fix if he could get the parts. We called authorized Subaru Robins dealers, and once the engine goes on a bicycle there is no warranty, and they can't get the parts, because the clutch is added by some dealer. I suspect that Staton, the place he bought it, hasn't any idea who makes the clutch and housing. If they would answer their phone!!!!

    So, I am old and respectful without a potty mouth, but I will not lay still quietly. Passiveness is NOT in my DNA. I am happy that I have a Honda, rather than something from China. Although, when I was in the Navy, I did prefer the Chinese women compared to the Japanese women. Never paid much attention to the men.

    I expected more from something named Subaru Robins.

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    Welcome to MBc, Scooter. I'm sure that if you contact David Staton, himself, on the phone he will work with you to resolve the problem. I and many of our thousands of members world-wide have dealt with him every one having positive results.I talked to him on the phone just last problem! I feel confident you and he will get the problem resolved.
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    Thanks. Already have gotten an email from him. We found a "clutch group" and ordered it from a Subaru Robins parts center, but the housing is added by someone else who adapts the "pump engine" to bicycles.

    I wonder if my nephew just hooks the engine direct to the drive spindle sets the idle low, will the engine start when he pedals and shut off when he stops?
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    I knew David Staton would contact you to start a resolution to your problem. If you have further concerns, I would suggest you open a new thread in our 4-Stroke Forum. This area is primarily for introducing yourself. Just add your 'First Name' so we can properly all get to know you...and good luck to you; and, if you run into problems, we'll look for your thread in the '4-Stroke Forum.'
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