HT Engine vs Front Derailleur

Discussion in 'Frame Mounted Engines' started by Anigai, Feb 1, 2012.

  1. Anigai

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    hey guys,, y project of building my motorized bike is going well. at the moment its cycleable, i cycled it yesterday with loose cranks which ill fix today as well as no rear brake. on the other hand ive only got a rear derailleur which works but not well until later today.

    long story short, im puting in a BGF HT engine maybe next week after some minor adjustments and i was wondering if anybody has any trouble between the rear motor mount and a front derailleur? ive seen bikes with a HT engine and a front derailleur and ive seen others without them.

    should these engines usually work without interfering with a front derailleur?
    if so does it depend on the frame?

    one more thing, im likely to replace the throttle outter cable with a matching carbon effect outer brake cable cable. i know that brake and gear cables are made differaantly and are not interchangable with each other.
    which would be the best choice to use, im thinking brake cable but im not sure yet.

    thanks gys, i appreciate the help. :bowdown:

  2. BoltsMissing

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    Some de-railers get in the way, some don't, depends on the bike maybe.

    As with cables, I usually ditch the kit's soft steel clutch cable and use a heavy duty stainless steel brake cable. Lube inside the outer cable and smear the new cable with lite grease or oil.

    Never had trouble with throttle cables to date, mainly the clutch cable.
    Have problems with throttle grip, but there are plenty of better after market throttle grips out there now.
    If you could post pictures of your build it would be great, we can see better on what's going on.

    All the Best
  3. Anigai

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    oh i will, at the moment im cycling it like a normal bike until i get the last few things i need before i put the engine in. i suppose i could take one of the old rusty front deraileurs i have and just measure it up. if it fits ill buy the stuff for front gears if not ill have saved some money.

    i think ill take your advice on that and buy some nice matching carbon effect brake cable and use it for the clutch, ill get the high quality kind thats teflon lined and coated, i havent been scrimping on this build at all since its my first and its handy to show off so ill be able to get future customers lol

    i need to custom build a steel plate for the front motor mount though because i have an unusually shaped downtube on this frame

    ill order that cable this minute and have it ready to go next week.

    thanks man i appreciate the advice, its going to good use:grin5: