HT muffler baffle welds gave out

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Bronzebird, Aug 30, 2008.

  1. Bronzebird

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    I found my loose exhaust tip dangling inside the bottom baffle/mount to chrome tube. So I have some aluminum brazing rods to braze to aluminum screws I plugged the lower baffle holes. I plugged the holes because of the illicit noise may draw unwanted police contact. So I'll see if the weld holds on my next test ride tomorrow. Maybe post a pic?
    I hope the two spot weld failure is not to common of a problem on the muffler's for other HT's?

  2. freshwater

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    My baffle blew out and broke after the first ride. All I did to put it back together is that I used JB weld and it holds up fine at the moment.
  3. Cordogg

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    my baffle shot out on the first ride also. On my first lengthy ride the muffler broke right off at the weld where the expansion chamber starts. Man is that litttle engine loud with just a 3 inch straight pipe coming out the motor. if you're looking at a quieter muffler alternative you can check out the "poo poo pipe." I'm considering getting one myself. any one else on here use this pipe?
  4. Bronzebird

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    The price is right! Keeping the noise level down should be a plus if the police are encounterd. I have a concern that I may get blackballed when this encounter eventuly happens. At that point if they say the bike is illegal in the bike lane I'll have to keep it off the street and cruise some logging roads in the hills.
  5. bigdaddyclint

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    My baffle also shot out first ride... tried to put some stuff on that was high temp kinda like jb weld, but it just blew off when i started the bike up. Then I thought why not just stick a bolt all the way through the darn thing. Works like a charm, I put a nylon nut at the back with a lock washer and washer it's been about 2 weeks and no sight of giving up. One note though I am not sure if it happens on stock muffler system but I do get oil seepage on the bottom of the muffler. Here are some pics to check it out hope it works for you if you try it. Also the engine shows no sign of any performance loss due to the bolt in the bottom.

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  6. relaxxx

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    My original HT muffler lasted about two weeks before the weld between the pipe and the top of the muffler started to break. I let it leak for about a month before it finally fell off. Now I have a home made paint can muffler clamped to the pipe where the original broke off. It 's actually made of 3 paint cans and two 3/4 inch threaded fittings from Canadian Tire plumbing department. The female fitting is clamped on to the pipe while the male is threaded thought the top of the first can with the bottom cut out. the second paint can has the top cut off and slits down the site so it will fit inside the first and a couple holes punched in the bottom. The third can also has the top cut off and bottom beat in to fit inside the second can upside down acting as a baffle. Put together and drilled two holes near the bottom and ran copper wire through so it would not fall apart. No too pretty but it works great and I can easily build a replacement if it breaks and just screw it on.
  7. Maxx Ported

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    I had one that rattled, took it apart, removed the upper tube section.. installed the rest, just a little louder

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  8. Bronzebird

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    One little modifification to your great idea on the fix.

    I think a nylock and a washer snug against both sides of the center pipe would minimize any buzzing sounds from vibration. Also when I sealed the pipe with my Aluminum braze trick the pipe was quieter than when it was new.

    I have 4 small aluminum machine screw and nut on bottom baffle for the fillet to adhere too.

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  9. bigdaddyclint

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    I also did what you did in those pics. But the issue I had after that was the the small tube also blew out, the welds gave out on it too. So i just drilled right through the small pipe and was good to go. Also i am glad you got it working. Hope she holds up for a long time
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  10. Bronzebird

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    Two hours and still holding

    I have 38 miles since the fix and knock on wood.
  11. bigdaddyclint

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    That's good I have about 150 or more on my bike and still going strong. I don't think it's going to get hot enough down there to melt the nuts so it should work well. Every couple of days I check to see if the bolt has loosened up but that's about it.
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  12. Bronzebird

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    Nylocks are holding strong!
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