Huasheng 4-stroke wiring question

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by JLee, Mar 31, 2014.

  1. JLee

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    I'm not using the throttle with the kill button and two wires on my build but am wanting to use a different kill button; one with no wires and only one place to connect a wire or wires to. How would I proceed with hooking it up? Which wire would go to the kill button, and what about the ground wire from the motor? Thank you

  2. Anton

    Anton Administrator Staff Member

    Do you have a photo of the kill switch? A kill button with one wire input will use the frame of the bike to complete the circuit. I'm not familiar with these engines so I can't say if it will work or not.
  3. Quenton Guenther

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    Some of the HS motors have 2 wires for the kill switch and some only have one. One of the wires is ground and can be removed if the kill switch has one side grounded. The single wire goes to the tab on the coil to short to kill motor.

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