I just bought a kit, tell me what you think of it

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Brinson, Jan 24, 2011.

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    this kit is good and will last you like any other kit if you look after it correctly its not really branded so be carefull usally the non branded ones are the cheaper ones why because they use cheaper parts but like i said with any motor look after them and they will go far the only downside is it that its not that power full but will get you up most hills even if your really heavy it says use 16:1 for breaking in then switch to 25:1 really thats not good for that motor use 25:1 for breaking it in and stay with 25:1 because 16:1 is way too much oil it will still run but bogg down alot just remember take it easy when your running it in oh one more down side its black black paint (or any paint) will heat the motor up more than normal so on a hot day dont run it for too long its ok im not trying to scare you but dont run it alot on a hot day obviously there designed too be painted black
    thats all i got to say have fun and be safe
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    heres a bit of trivia the motor was called a m21 an made by the russians as a wheat thresher back in the 50,s an was mounted on a board .
    now the chinese make a identical motor but theres 3 or 4 makers .
    but it its only for a 2 stroke .
    i found a article when i did a google search .

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    How much speed do you think it can get on average on a flat surface?

    I know it varies, just looking for ballpark.
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    here's more info on Russian engines. They are "D" series. M21 is an after-market nickname.
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    Oh, I just kind of assumed it was a chinese engine. How do these russian engines compare to the chinese ones? Also, mine was listed at 80cc, but people on that thread are mention 45c. Are there different models?
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    I've been researching it and am still confused. I can't find records of a russian made D series that was 80cc (I understand it would actually be like 66cc or something)...so am not sure exactly what I bought!

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    your engine is Chinese.

    my post was to gothicguy's 'bit of trivia".
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    i forgot to mention it was a 45 cc

    but ur 66 (80) should ave 55 kph

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    I have one of these its great

    I have one of these its great in fact the kit was better quality than the grubee skyhawk I got from gasbike.net. It has the older carb which I found works much better than the CNS with the grubee. And the front mount is for larger diameter frames. Mine had a manufacture date of 6/09 different factory name but same city as grubee motors. I think these are the off the back of the truck ones but this kit has been good to me and the seller was ok and shipped quickly. I wish I could buy more of their stuff before it is all gone. Its run good so far. but I did have to fix a carb leak. tighten everything up good and use loktite on your mounting nuts. Let me know how it works out. Also I have a speedometer and i'm cruising 25mph at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle with more to go. (I'm still breaking it in) it runs fine at 16 to 1 with no smoke or rich problems. Mine says 68.5cc on it and 2.95hp. I run the 40 tooth sprocket.
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    Awesome! You put alot of my concerns at rest. Yeah, the seller shipped it about 15 minutes after I bought it...gave me a tracking number and everything. I was impressed.
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    like everybody told you break it in slowly and it will last. I got one of the 66cc 2strokes from boy go fast. The red bat engines they are pretty good motors for 130 free shipping so i ordered a 49cc red bat and it was the same price. It's all good im gonna do another build soon maybe rack mount the 49cc for my mtn bike. Hole to small for it to fit in and oblong pipe on bottom.
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    Question for Wackey101

    Please specify for me which parts are cheaper on the non branded engines...
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    This kit isn't so cheap

    As I said in an earlier post on this thread this kit had better and more parts than my grubee kit. Also the tank and other parts had better finish. But in some cases the piston wrist pin on the cheap ones has a bushings not a needle bearing. But others I know have run hundreds of miles on older style bushings with no problems. This kit does have bearings. I disassembled and checked, I always rebuild them before I run them to make sure it was all assembled correctly. Overall all of these kits are hit and miss determined by how the chinamen felt when they built/ boxed it. This sellers kits are actually as good as any others in some ways better. The paint job was weak on mine but I like better paint anyway and repaint them with high temp paint. They work pretty well considering the backyard factories that make them. As I said they are probably made of melted beer cans. Casting bubbles can cause major failure so I look for problems when I rebuild/ retorque pre assembly check out. Good luck, take your time, use loktite and maybe replace some critical studs and bolts with better grade 8 ones. Be gentle on break in, and oil good full synthetic oil like amsoil for the first few tanks.
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    don't let the"non brand" thing fool you.
    the majority of these chinese engines are identical, and thry all use the same parts.
    My $125.00 "e-bay special "66 c.c. runs better and is faster my buddies $250.00 brand name engine, and actually mine is mechanically quieter than his is. with me on my bike, i can top out at 32 mph . with me on his bike, i can top out at 26 mph. both bikes are set up the same, (same wheel & tire sizes, same size rear sprockets, same size frames, ngk spark plugs and better plug wires. both have modified exhausts and high flow air filters.)

    I have an $114.00 50 c.c. "e-bay special" that actually pulls away from my buddies $250.00 66 c.c.. top speed of my 50 cc is around 28-30 mph with a 41 tooth rear sprocket on 20 inch wheels. it has an expansion chamber, better spark plug wire, spark plug, and a high flow air filter.

    as long as you tune it, maintain it, break it in right, and always run the correct fuel-oil ratio, your non branded engine will be fine.

    you will want to upgrade the nuts, bolts and washers to better ones. use blue loc-tite on everything, and take your time mounting the engine on the frame. check everything 3-4 times to make sure everything is aligned right. solder all wire connections together and heat shrink them.
    tie your wires to the frame with plastic wire-ties..
    take your time building your bike and you will be much happier in the end.
    do as much reading as possible and find out as much info as you can.
    educate yourself on 2-strokes, and how to build one of these bikes.
    please don't be one of those people who throws the engine on out of the box in one day and expect it to be perfect.
    you will find taht you will probably have to modify a few things, tweak a few things, and replace a few things while you build your bike to get it right.
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    I worked on my brakes, center stand, and light just this afternoon. The more I tweak and modify things the more dialed in my bike gets. On warm days I commute5 mi. each way with hills at 25 mph or so. You have to like tinkering with things to enjoy this. They are actually a fairly complicated electro-mechanical devise. Which take frequent adjustment to run right and be relatively safe.