I need a new way to mount this engine!

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by Seenote0, Aug 8, 2009.

  1. Seenote0

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    I have 1964 mens Schwinn American beach crusier 26" bicycle. The only way as of right now to mount My 2 stroke 80cc engine is to remove the Gain guard, crank, and sproket completely. Something I really dont want to do to get the engine going. I want to have pedal power also. Anyone know of the best way to mount a 2 stroke engine on this kind of frame? Im guessing spacers but where do I get them?

    Also if you know of any other engine kit that fits this exact frame even better and has a faster engine. Let me know.


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  2. Thomson85

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    From what I've seen most people fabricate their own custom mounts. You can always go to a machine shop and have them do it, the price shouldnt be too much. another alternative is getting the crank from the SBP (Sick Bike Parts) shift kit as they have more clearance.
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    Thanks for the link.. Thats always an option to buy a mount. Although I think ill just try to fabricate something for now. I wanted to buy a welder anyway.. I have some shop equipment at my side so.. I can just run in the garage and start bending and drilling. I just need to buy some metal.. im going to try to see what i can find at lowes.