I need Ev Warrior wiring help

Discussion in 'Electric Bicycles' started by rkbonds, Jun 23, 2011.

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    I recently was given a Ev Warrior Collector's Edititon bike. It had some minor issues when I got it but, I got those fixed the problem I'm having now is I don't have the key fob for the security system. I searched online and was unable to find a wiring diagram or a way to bypass the security system. There has to be a way around it considering everyone is sold out of the key fob. Can anyone here point me in the right direction to bypass this security system? I do have a different security system I plan on using on the bike after I am able to successfully bypass this one. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated.

    On a side note this is my first electric bike and I was lucky in getting this one. It actually belonged to a friend of mine who was/is clueless about bikes he only rode it a couple of times before he moved and the bike sat for a year (which is why he couldn't find the key fob). I have actually ridden this bike before and was pretty impressed with it so, I am really looking forward to getting it up and going again!:grin5:

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    I hear crikets in here. Never thought it'd be this silent. Hmmmm no one has any ideas?
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    You can jump the connector on the bike side of the plug - the security system was an option that simply interrupts the electric motor controller. Remove the receiver wiring plug from the main harness (in the middle back between the batteries) and jump the two middle wires (White and Orange) to bypass the security system.
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    Bob, I need to bypass my security system on my EV Warrior and could you please give me more details on your post.
    I'm a dummy at electronics and need a walk through.

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    i dont use such tecno things as this baseball bat work good enuff lol i dont know without looking at ur wireing diagram rarely see the things rarely work on them usually if im working on a bike that bit works >.< cant say ive tryed but if i know where wires go how its working i could then say cut the red wire o.0

    and bobs right its a extra on most bikes and simply forces your engine not to run exactly like the kill switch on ur handel bars joining 2 wires that cancel out the power to the coil

    so in theory u should be able to just remove it entirely so its not making that connection