I never get tired of this! How much does it cost, and where can I get one?

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    Hi, our bikes stand out everywhere. When I park at a store people are always looking, pointing, talking. Some are rude & touch. Most don't. I power wash mine, wax it. shine it, and keep it in the condition I demand of myself. Never get tired of promoting our mode or transportation. It's been called a "hobby", for me it's a way of love. I still build bikes if the $ is right. I am more into riding than wrenching these days. Love to watch thier knees quiver when I say it gets about 130 MPG. I weigh 210 and don't ride fast. All I got for right now. :cool:

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    When I go by places where bike racks are there can be really expensive peddle only bikes there but nobody is standing there checking them out. However anytime I pull up on my bike or come out of the store I was at there's people around my bike.

    I've got a double one sided kickstand which keeps the front wheel up off the ground when in use. I can then lean the bike forward onto the front lifting the back wheel off the ground. What amazes people is when I crank the bike give it some gas and the gears in the rear start shifting automatically.

    Then I tell them its the only gas bike in the world that can do that. That's why I'm known as Land Rider Jerry.