I want it to move! [chain jam - drive sprocket]



Hello, everybody!
I have a question.
My bike don't move forward and backwrd.
Pls let me know how can I adjust to clutch gears setting.
I'm look forwad to your reply.
another one...i bet an "introduction" would surely inspire the kind people here to help you out...

there's a ton of info here on that...search around some (right now, at the bottom of this page, is a list of "similar threads", i know some of the answers are in there)...you're going to want to check and see if the chain has bound up on the drive sprocket. or...double-check your clutch install & adjustment.

check out forum help, and rules & policies also.
I needed 2 extra hands to pull the clutch arm as far as it would it go and hold it while I slid the brass stop all the way up and screwed it on.
I got my bike working by doing searches here. Most everyone has encounterd most every problem. Learn form thier experience.
Well on my bike the clutch was very hard to get totally disengaged at first and if I adjusted it so it did disengage it would slip when engaged (very bad for clutch) so I adjusted it so it would just fully engage and as I rode it it wore in nicely and works perfect.
I did need to make adjustments early on to keep it just right. (no biggie)

Others have said the clutch lever is hard to pull but I have no problems and in fact my wife has no problem with it.
Hmmm, maybe we are just huge giants with incredible strength:rolleyes:, but most likely it is because we both ride motorcycles and are very used to using a clutch lever :p.

Oh by the way, Hello ;)
It's only one cylinder. Timing not needed.
There is no neutral per say for there is no transmission.
Pulling in your clutch is your neutral.
Now you know! :D
have you checked the similar threads at the bottom of the page yet?

there is no magical post that's gonna fix it for you...you're gonna have to read & study like when learning any new thing...

everything you need to know for a first build is here, start browsing and reading...that's the best advice anyone here can give you.

you haven't told us what you own in this topic, nor have you put it in your profile...you don't feel a need to introduce yourself to the community...2 posts that seem more like demands for answers than attempts to help yourself...since it's clear you're not really paying attention, this is my last attempt to steer you in the right direction.

anyone else wants to keep trying, have at it.